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This IT project was brought by a small group of Nepalese residents living in UK, and Rawa Dube residents and surrounding areas with help from Billy Heyman, a UK based citizen, and other kind supporters. After a devastating earthquake in 2015, many school infrastructures in Nepal were destroyed and kids were sent home without education until their classrooms were rebuilt.

The internet is a lifeline of modern day education in evolving world. Internet is the perfect driving force for the economy, social media and modern day communication. It provides a sound platform for the youngsters to who can develop their IT skills as early as possible especially in a country like in Nepal, where the system is just being introduced in the main cities. Experts say that the internet is becoming “the ultimate observer of human behaviour”, with knowledge at our fingertips whenever we require it, the next generation could revolutionise the way we learn according to educationists. We believe children in twenty years time will spend less time the classroom and more time remote-learning via the web. The internet will take the place of blackboards and books, and be replaced by online devices. Getting internet to the remote part of the villages and schools is still a challenging task for the government and schools themselves. The periphery of any business is no
longer defined and this sets a perfect example of global market place for those who are talented enough and have capability to utilise their brain to the full extent. There is nothing
 has evolved faster than the Internet.

“Teachers will adopt mentor roles and much of the curriculum will be received via the internet,” he predicted. “Knowledge will take a second place to developing the skills to use, manipulate and analyse the information the Web will provide.”

Mahabir Pun is one of the biggest inventors of our times. The negative side of the internet is also to be looked at. People using the internet for negative purposes should never be allowed, in order to protect our youngsters or elders. Nepal is speeding a faster pace on getting communication / internet. In 2017, the Rawa Dube Sewa Samaj project raised £10,000 to assist a village in Nepal that had suffered during the terrible Nepalese earthquake. As part of the help we provided some of the money, which we raised to buy ten desktop computers and also to provide internet to the villagers. The outcome has been an amazing success with hundreds of students benefitting from being able to use the internet to assist with their studies. Due to the considerable success of this IT project, we decided to do it again in 2018. We have chosen to help a new village Deurali but with the same aims of supplying computers, providing internet access, solar power and furniture to the villagers. 



Some of the highlights from
inauguration of project


We are proud to bring this service to our remote villages where internet is far from reality.

The world is not too far now, lets explore it..

Success is not easy and enduring hard work and sacrifice counts. 

Thank you to all donors for your immense support

Our heartfelt thanks to James (Billy) Heyman, our funding director and key supporter who beared the heavy cost. 

Our sincere thaks to Nepal Team and Rest of World.

Thanks to Yubraj Gurung, Bhim Niraula, Birendra Ghale, all UK based donors and well wishers, without your support this was not possible. 

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

Bill Gates


Brief History

This project was our pilot project in 2017 and it had become very successful, hence we expanded our project to neighbouring schools and villages.

This project is our 2nd Project and with huge support from local UK donors and members of the RDSS, and more importantly, those residing from Deurali who donated large amount of fund in overall. 

For web IT office

This project is a subsidiary project which was not on agenda, however it could not be left alone and so we managed to generate enough fund to cover this project as well. 


Members of society took part on 1/2 Marathon in order to raise more fund to cover the project. It was quite a painstaking challenge after having done over 6 months training and actual run in Jun / Jul heat. Thanks to all participants and supporters who sacrificed their time for the sake of the project.  

Every penny matters

Members of the society that
took part on the marathon