Our Story

After the successful launch of the first Dube Kol IT project in 2017, we decided to expand to more neighbouring schools so more students would have equal opportunities to access an IT system. We eventually ended up coming to the Bhadaure, Dube Kol Secondary School for higher education, to continue the support to their education throughout their years to every student. This projected was accomplished in 2019, and ended up benefitting a large number of villagers and students. Bhadaure School was originally a primary school with three classes, but due to the high demand and population of the local students there are now seven classes.

Now that every student will have equal access to an IT system and explore the world wide web, it will hopefully enable them to expand their learning and ability to contact family and friends. Although this project wasn’t originally intended to happen, we had enough funds to cover the costs. The following IT facilities have been provided in order to run this project smoothly, this will look similar to the other lists because we have provided the same equipment for each project:

  • Refurbishment of building 
  • 2x desktop sent – bolster existing computer monitors to add up 20 in total. 
  • 20x Computer monitors
  • 20x Computer chairs
  • Computer accessories 
  • Solar power system – 6x panel of solar mirrors, 1600 VA invertor, Battery, 
  • Full internet system – UHF dish, router, and other accessories
  • Other key activities like transportation from Kathmandu to hill side, labour charge. 
In local currency, the total expense of the project was NCR 407000, which is roughly equivalent to £2806.00. We utilised all the raised money to the fullest extent to maximise the benefits to the village.  

We are proud to bring this service to our remote villages where internet was just a dream.

The world is not too far now, lets make it better use of it...

Success is not easy; enduring hard work and sacrifice counts. 

Thank you to all donors for your immense support

Our heartfelt thanks to James (Billy) Heyman our funding director and key supporter who beared the heavy cost. 

Our sincere thaks to Nepal Team and Rest of World.

Thanks to Yubraj Gurung, Bhim Niraula, all UK based donors and well wishers, without your support this was not possible. 

The internet is becoming a town square for the global village of tomorrow.

Bill Gates