Our Story

After a devastating earthquake in 2015, Nepal has lost a large number of human lives and an unimaginable amount of properties, and it left so many people homeless that they had to live their lives under shelters in the hopes of government helping them, but unfortunately that dream has been only their imagination. A small group of people from Dube Kol and surrounding areas came up with idea of generating some money to help the kids go back to school so they can start learning; allowing them access to the internet to enhance their educations, and in turn aid their journey to future success.  This project was our pilot project, we were not quite sure where to start from, but fortunately James (Billy) Heyman, a UK based citizen, became the main donor and funding coordinator to start planning Dube Kol IT Project.

 We raised over £8,000.00 through various means i.e. individual donors, societies and online donation.  We provided 10 desk top computers, full furniture, a solar power system, means of satellite communication for internet and full building refurbishments.

The following facilities have been provided in order to run this project smoothly:

  • Refurbishment of building
  • 2x Desktop sent – bolster existing computers
  • 10x Computer monitors
  • 10x Computer Monitors
  • 10x Computer chairs
  • 10x computer tables
  • Computer accessories 
  • Solar power system – 6x panels of solar mirrors, 1600 VA invertor and batteries,
  • Full internet system – UHF dish, router, and other accessories
  • Other key activities like transportation from Kathmandu to hill side, labour charge.
Internet has changed so much in the world in very different forms: the way we make business, pay bills,  go shopping, study, designing, communications, and more importantly it impacted on science and technology and thus humans have moved so much more ahead in the last few years.  

Project Opening Ceremony