funding the project

Fund raising activities

One of the most challenging part of the any project is funding, this drew a lot of obstacles and exercises to negotiate through various means.  We been very fortunate to have very dedicated and influencial people who managed to reachout to kind hearted people who supperted us with whole heartly.  Without their immense support this could never be possible to acomplished our goal. Our dedicated team did everything to generate fund doing verious activities that made truly convincing project to everyone.  For this reason we have uploaded verious activities pictures and videos as a memory of our commitments.   The working committee tried their best to prevent spill over uneccessary funds by strict control of expenses with right justifications in each and every project we did.  Every expenses are supported by the genuine receipts and every penny was wisely utilised.  A lot of fund raising events were carried out during this period and some of them were more successful than others. 


Online Crowd funding – Billy Heyman who was our main funding pillar of the entire project  from the beginning. Billy reached out his wealthy friendship circle who managed to collect majority of fund as he is the one who announced and pledged fund overall project in early 2017.  

Contribution from members – Almost every member of the society took part on this supported as they wished which is a truly and it will be unfair to mention Mr Bhojraj Gurung who been a key member of generating large sum of fund through out the funding campaign. 

Individual Contribution – i will be unfair to mention to those who supported this project witht he big chunks of money not because of they are amongst the rich but more to close to their heart this project.  Namely James (Billy) Heyman, Raje Polo, Basanta Gurung, Shamsher Gurung, Bhojraj Gurung, Bom Bahadur Gurung and Narabahadur Tamang.      

Charity Run – The members of the society took part on 2018 Southampton 1/2 Marathon which helped a lot in raising funding programme. We had a team of twelve runners, many of whom have never run a half marathon before. The team members were: Billy Heyman, Basanta Gurung, Balaram Ghale, Rajen Polo (USEA 36 Engineer Regt), Dhan Bahadur Gurung, Bijay Gurung, Mani Gurung, Bhojraj Gurung, Bhisma Gurung, Lavesh Gurung, Bhupa Gurung and Sanu Gurung. We truly thank you for every effort which you have whole heartedly supported this project and we will always remember to you. We raised over  £20,000 through a variety of initiatives, the main one being through the Southampton half marathon on 22nd April 2018. 

The society raised around £8283 on the first phase of pilot Dube Kol IT project that includes RDSS (Rawa Dube Sewa Samaj) topped up £1677.  On the second phase of project total money was raised £10282  to support Deurali and Bhadaure IT projects.  Total of £18565 fund was generated and all monies were spent on all three projects there is over £2000 still remaining in the RDSS account which will be spent in the future.  We truly thank you for your every effort which your whole heartly supported on this project and we will always remember to you. 

Members of RDSS on
1/2 Marathon - 2018

Charity events -
Indoor Shooting

Live video footage of
1/2 Marathon